Below is a gallery of the items we make for sale. To request a current price list, or to order anything please e-mail us with details of what you would like and where you would like us to send the items to. We will then let you know the total cost incl. P&P. We accept payment by Bank Transfer, PayPal and cheque. 

double cone candlestick
tall candle stand

small candlestick
leather capsula
top to bottom
wooden box with sliding lid
wooden dice shaker
wooden dice
wooden clapper/rattle

grid iron

incense burner

L to R
wooden syrinx 
brass cymbals
L to R
iron systrum - brass cymbals
Nijmegen rattle/ instrument
brass systrum - with rods
hanging lantern

small hanging  oil lamp

outside to inside
wooden spoon curved handle
wooden spoon straight handle
clockwise from top
rag doll
wooden horse on wheels
wooden rattle/clapper
leather ball

large and small brass spoons

outside to inside
bone spoon rounded handle
bone spoon pointed handle
top to bottom
strigil loop
sponge on a stick
bath house clogs
L to R
small ligula
fancy ligula
cosmetic brush
chi-rho toothpick 
heron toothpick
open work toothpick
lidded cosmetic palette/grinder
long handled mirror
marble or slate cosmetic palette
fancy ligula
cosmetic grinder
small ligula
top to bottom
strigil loop
sponge on a stick
small mirror - rear handle

glass oil flask supplied by The Glassmakers

necklet with 'klapperschmuk'

walnut girdle hanger

glass top hairpins

L to R
bone hairpin with brass finial 
bone hairpin - axe
bone hairpin - luna
bone hairpin - cockerel 
L to R
cockerel hairpin
suspended sphere hairpin
hand with disc hairpin
crescent hairpin
duck hairpin

plain hairpins - various styles

Saxon  dress pins- various styles

clockwise from top
spiral end bracelet
Colchester type bracelet
heavy wrist torque
twisted bracelet
lighter wrist torque
clockwise from centre top
arc brooch
figure of 8
double spiral
clockwise from L
wire type La Tene
round form La Tene
flat form La Tene
round bow form La Tene
iron wire type La Tene
clockwise from top
horse head plate brooch
flat sprung brooch
'd form' bow type brooch
bow brooch
top & bottom row
disc brooch - centre boss
shield type brooch
centre row
'jigsaw' brooch
wheel type brooch

penannular brooch - spiral ends

L to R
large tong/pincer brooch
small tong/pincer brooch
top row

cruciform brooches - various styles

bottom row
 equal arm brooches

girdle hanger - various styles

clockwise from top
wheel plate brooch
hi-rho plate brooch
Thors' hammer plate brooch annular brooch
hanging bowl penannular
L to R
twisted neck torque
neck torque

dolphin pendant 

leather money bags - various styles

spinning kits

clockwise from top
braid weaving heddle kit 
spinning kit
thread winder
bone needle
weaving comb
clockwise from top
  • wooden needle & thread holder/housewife (needle & thread not included)
  • thread winder
  • bone needles
L to R
braid weaving heddle kit
wooden tablet weaving tablets


L to R
folding balance in wooden box
balance in wooden box
L to R
proportional dividers
folding ruler
woodworkers' square
plumb bob
fine dividers
clockwise from top
wax writing tablet
wax tablet scraper
metal stylus to R
ink writing tablet
ink dip pen
seal box
lead cursive tablets

vindolanda type pen - wood handle
glass ink well supplied by the Glassmakers

needle box

L to R
ink well
vindolanda type pen - wood handle
seal box
L to R
belt plates-triple bulls eye
cinglum disc
dagger frog
cinglum ends
assembled buckle
belt plates-double bulls eye

1st C military belt (cinglum) - made to order only


child size lorica segmentata

1st C military belt

New items

L to R
triangle buckle - closed
triangle buckle - open

arm purse

horse head plate brooch

top to bottom
flat penannular brooch - various designs
hogs back pin penannular brooch

double cone candlestick

clockwise from top L
  • Tongeren wrist torque with triple spiral ends
  • Colchester wire arm bracelet
  • leaf/acorn wrist torque
  • South Shields wrist torque
outside to inside
plain bone hairpin
bone hairpin with brass finial

late La Tene round form brooch

twisted neck torque

keyhole penannular

to order

 Please email us with details of what you would like and where you would like us to send the items to. We will then let you know the total cost incl. P&P.  We accept payment by Bank Transfer, PayPal and cheque.

Roman medical instruments

outside to inside

extractor/spoon of Diocles

false teeth
bone lever/elevator with iron insets
L to R

scalpel-turned handle
scalpel-long handle
medical multi-tool
scalpel-'D' shaped
bone chisel

L to R
bone lever/dissector
spatula-single ended
spatula-double ended
probe-'v'-shaped spoon
bone lever


top to bottom
saw-double handle  wood
saw bone-single handle
medical multi-tool spoon scalpel saw
outside to inside
cataract needle
cataract needle -monbellet type-3 parts

speculum- tri-valve

top to bottom
L to R
bone lever/dissector
spatula-single ended
spatula-double ended
probe-'v'-shaped spoon
bone lever
hook-double ended blunt/sharp
top to bottom

probe long

top to bottom
forceps-fine pointed
forceps (x2)
forceps -short pointed locking
forceps-long pointed locking
top to bottom
catheter-female-tapered tube-possible wound drain
L to R
crown trephine
crown trephine with folding bow

capsula-probe case

votive eyes- three styles

top to bottom
bone pliers
uvula forceps
left to right
traction hook

top to bottom
medical spoon
cauterising iron

left to right
hook- double blunt
lithotomy scoop/knife
lancet-Pompeii style
hook- ‘Y’ shaped blunt

Historical medical instruments 

We also specialise in reproducing medical instruments from other periods. These are all bespoke pieces made to order. We have had the privilege of working with a variety of interpreters, and institutions including  the Wellcome Trust & the BDA amongst others. Below are some examples of our work.

For further details please email us at:-

Rebound in history

Books and journals bound in historical styles .

coptic styles
glass supplied by the glassmakers
longstitch bindings
victorian styles
japanese bindings

For more information please email us at:- rebound in

Living history demonstrations 

Working either from our own period tents, or inside clients own building we offer a number of different historical living history demonstrations, including Roman health hygiene and beauty, a fabrica or metal workers workshop, the history of writing and books, and also more recent periods including a first world war rehabilitation centre and second world war- WVS advice centre,  salvage collection, emergency kitchen, and period workshop. Whenever possible we like to include activities for the public to try.

fabrica and shop
Roman health hygiene and beauty

Roman health hygiene and beauty

Talking to the public about Roman medicine, and showing how they prepared their make-up and fashioned their hair.

history of writing & bookbinding

Demonstrating how early codex books were made, see what people wrote on before paper was here and the chance to try writing on a wax tablet.

second world war home front 

How people coped on the home front in the war. Collecting salvage to re-use for the war effort, how to make the most of your coupons- cooking and making clothes, have a go at making a rag rug. We also have a workshop showing some of the tools and how they were used to make everyday items.

To find out more about our living history demonstrations or to book us for an event please email us at:-
We also trade at TORM