Steve Wagstaff - Roman Trader

Makers of quality reproduction artefacts, based on archaeological finds from the Bronze age, Roman and Saxon periods.

Steve Wagstaff - Roman Trader

What we do.

Steve Wagstaff - Roman Trader

is actually a partnership of Steve and Fiona, and over the last thirty years we have researched and make various items based on archaeological evidence from the Bronze age through to the Saxon period but specialising in Roman.


We pride ourselves on researching the items we make as

thoroughly as we can in order to make items as authentic as possible. To do this we study archaeological reports and take every possible opportunity to look at finds in Museums throughout the UK and Europe. We have also been lucky enough to assist in several  experimental archaeological projects.

Our clients

include both National and local Museums throughout the UK, Europe, and the USA. We have also worked with the National Trust, English Heritage, other historic houses, private specialist collectors, historical interpreters and educators and film production companies. 

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